White Label Scheme

IGK white label scheme is providing to partners the opportunities to start the global brokerage business immediately with supports in products, capital, system and technology. IGK’s CRM management system -iSpreader trading platform Will provide the one-stop solution to accomplish all these targets.
IGK will provide professional market, technology and CRM training to help partners catch up in a short period of time .

Your business will develop unique advantages in the industry, achieving a win-win situation with IGK.


Advantages of White Label

  • Own your brand. You can have a full set of functions, system, website, license, Market and financial solution support with your own name.
  • Manage your customers. Communication, understand and identify your customers are easy with our CRM system.
  • Safe and independent deposit and withdrawal channel electronically connnect to bank and instution that required.
  • Your cost in this market is measureable and all you need is focus on market exploration , and leave to rest to us.
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