Webpage Trading Platform

Web iSpreader Webpage Trading Platform is a leading online trading platform allowing investors to trade with any Internet browsers. Its enhanced interactive functions allow investors to find partners in the global financial trading community.
Investors can experience a trading environment on IGK’s webpage trading platform the same as that of the downloaded platform. This saves investors time and efforts to learn new platform functions, allowing them to start trading sooner after login. Multiple charts and drawing functions enhanced the professional performance of the webpage version. You will be guided all the way from the beginner level to the professional level.

Advantages of the Webpage Trading Platform:

  • No download is needed. It can be used at any time in any place. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Comprehensive trading functions including real-time trading price and online account information.
  • Comprehensive and powerful chart tools.
  • Superb interface, easy operations and comprehensive market data are all integrated in a unified platform.
  • Connected to the whole www.igk.com website system seamlessly.
Webpage Trading Platform