Desktop version

iSpreader Desktop integrates all advantages in the trading system industry and is customised for professional investors. The interface is simple and easy to operate. The execution is fast. The abundant charts and charting functions provide professional investors with great potential to fully apply their specialties. It is the most reliable trading platform for professional investors.

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Website version

WEB iSpreader is a leading online trading platform for trading in any browser through Internet. Investors can experience more interactive, compact and clear trading environment on IGK’s webpage trading platform. In 30 seconds after you log on, our guide can help you to familiarise with global financial trading.

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Mobile Version

IGK Mobile trading platform is capable of conducting product trading globally on the trading terminal. Investors can enjoy the experience trading in the diversified global market at any time in any place around the world. The auto-generated experience account saves investors the hassle to fill in complicated and meticulous information. Come and join us!

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