Introducing Broker Scheme

Introducing Broker scheme combines with your own resources and IGK’s technology can fully utilise your potential and start your own business. No upfront investment is needed. Give up complicated process. You can solicit, create and manage your clients with the back office tools prepared specifically by IGK for cooperation and agent services. Publicize your own market report and financial information to attract attention and solicit clients. You can also use the free content management provided by IGK to create your own website and style.
IGK will provide professional market, technology and CRM training to partners, and teach decades of operation experiences in the financial market. Fully automatic agent link generation system ensures the absolute benefit of the agents and clients under the agents.

The Advantages of Introducing Broker Program:

  • Manage and check the agents and customers’ position in the back office.
  • Set different spreads and privileges for different products of each agent and client.
  • Automatic and accurate agent promotion link generation system.
  • No primary investment is needed. Focus on the areas that you are good at.
  • Marketing materials and well-trained CRM professionals.
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