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We are international CFD online trading.Contracts for Difference can provide long or short trading opportunities. You can potentially profit either way if the market goes up or down.
Trading System
Our CFD trading products rely on a comprehensive, professional trading system developed by experts. This system supports our clients trading on almost any internet capable.
Popular Products
We have narrowed the range of CFDs down to 12 popular products. This simplifies trading and provides greater liquidity. These products cover Forex, Index Futures and Commodities.
About Us
IGK was established in 2013 in New Zealand, in 2015 IGK acquired an Australian company, which holds and maintains an Australian Financial Service License (AFSL) 313768. More...
iSpreader Desktop
iSpreader Desktop includes many of the leading features of the most modern trading platforms. A variety of charts and analytical tools provide investor decision making support. The interface is user friendly easy to understand and fast in its excution.This is a reliable trading platform and easily operated by both professional and new CFD investors.

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Web iSpreader
WEB iSpreader is a Flash-based online trading platform. It is a more interactive, compact and customer friendly trading environment.Within 30 seconds, you can fully handle this global trading tool. There a flash education integrated for this tool. Please click below button and start the experience.

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Mobile iSpreader

IGK Mobile Version is a Web-Based platform which is compatible with tablet or smartphone. The auto-generated Demo account function allows you to immediately participate in the demo trading without the hassle of filling in complicated information. Please click and try it.

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The IGK team is experienced in providing CFDs. Her trading system support desktop, tablets, and smartphones plantform , enable you to pursue your financial goals at anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Forex
  • Tablet/Phone/Desktop
  • Indices
  • Windows/IOS/Android
  • Commodities
  • Instant Execution
  • Money Safety
  • 24/7 Online Support
IGK’s Exclusive Accounts can enjoy our services immediately. High Point of Value can be upgraded and permitted more exposure to opportunities in global financial products. IGK provides unique customisation and global support for our Exclusive Account.
  • Personal Support
  • Multiple Currencies
  • High Point Value
  • Exclusive Products
  • Commission Free
  • Personalized VIP Card
  • Try-First Privilege
  • Fast Channel
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